Debt Settlement Attorney Lawyer Keith Nelms Loses Law License for Three Years

Just yesterday I wrote about the recent troubles with Keith Anderson “Andy” Nelms, a lawyer in Alabama that is running a debt settlement company called Allegro Law that actually farms out cases to Americorp.

I came across this little nugget that should make any lawyer engaged in debt settlement services, take notice.

In a matter unrelated to the civil complaint, Nelms has agreed to a three-year suspension of his license to practice law in the wake of a complaint filed against him by Chase Financial in New York, based on the activities of Allegro Law.

He entered the conditional guilty plea before the Alabama State Bar’s disciplinary board June 29, records at the State Bar show. The board is responsible for regulating actions of attor neys licensed to practice in the state. The Alabama Supreme Court accepted the plea Thursday morning, court documents state. The suspension goes into effect after the high court’s acceptance of the plea, said Jeremy McIntire, assistant general counsel of the Alabama State Bar.

The plea states that Nelms represented himself as an attorney to customers in the debt payment business but is only licensed to practice law in the state of Alabama. The plea also states that Nelms took the 16 percent fee up-front, before doing any work on behalf of his customers.

Lawyers in Alabama can’t accept fees unless they do some thing to earn them, McIntire said. Source

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