I Have Worked in UAE Dubai, a GCC Country, and left With Unpaid Debts. I Now Live in India. – Andrew


“Dear Steve,

I have worked in UAE -Dubai ( GCC Country) for 5 yrs and i have bank debts (Credit cards and personal loans and car loans) in that country and i came back to India without paying them back.
Basically i am from India. What can i do other than this if i don’t have a job. Its been a year now since i left Dubai

I got a job again in a GCC Country. If i secure the visa, i can take the offer and go to the country to work? First of all if i have debts in a GCC country, will i get a visa to work in another GCC country? Suppose if i get the visa and started working I will not apply any credit card or loans in the GCC country .I will have only the salary account. UAE can extradit me from other GCC and put me in Jail? Or if the other GCC country know that i have debts in UAE, they can arrest me?

You have written in another post

“As far as travel into other GCC countries in the region, that would be a problem. If an arrest warrant has been issued for you then it is possible you could be picked up at the border of any GCC country. ”

If the UAE issues arrest warrant thats applicable only in UAE right? They can issue GCC arrest warrant to arrest in any GCC country?

UAE can block me entering other GCC countries? or they can arrest me in any of the GCC airports when i arrive?

Please clarify all the things as soon as possible.So that i can decide myself to go and work in another GCC

1. Will i get a other GCC country visa , if i have debts in UAE ?

2.will i get arrested if i go to any other GCC?

3. If the UAE issues arrest warrant thats applicable only in UAE right? They can issue GCC arrest warrant to arrest in any GCC country?

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4.If the immigration systems are not shared by the GCC countries how UAE will come to know if i am in other GCC country

Please let me know


Dear Andrew,

All I know is what is publicly reported. And that is that unpaid debts in the UAE can and do lead to imprisonment in the UAE. Warrants for arrest are reportedly share among GCC countries and people with warrants are detained at the borders when they enter a GCC country.

I would strongly urge you to not take any advice off any website regarding this matter and instead contact a lawyer in the UAE and ask for specific legal advice regarding your situation. That is the only way you can be reasonably confident in the answer.


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