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Facts Reveled in National Arbitration Forum Lawsuit Should Make You Want to Puke


The state of Minnesota recently filed a lawsuit against the National Arbitration Forum, the entity that claims to independently resolve consumer issues with creditors through binding arbitration.

We’ve known for year this is a well controlled scheme in which the outcome is all but certain when a case goes to arbitration, the consumer will lose.

In the lawsuit, download a copy here, it is made clear that the arbitration clauses are not only not designed to be at arms length, fair or impartial, but they are actually promoted as an effective collection tool to be used by creditors against consumers. If you have an hour of free time I suggest that you read the lawsuit and educate yourself about how secretive and perverse that arbitration has become as a collection tool rather than a fair and impartial process to resolve complaints.

The National Arbitration Forum’s solicitations to corporations often characterize the Forum’s arbitration services as a collections tool:

The National Arbitration Forum’s solicitations also claim that the Forum’s arbitration services provide an efficient and less costly way to collect debts:

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