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I Used to Live in the U.S. and Have Some Old Debt But I Now Live in Australia. – Max


“Dear Steve,

I am 25000. usd in credit card debt .

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I don’t live in the states anymore . i live in australia . i am australian but have a green card . i want to pay it back but i am currently unemployed and i have no plans to go back to the states . what should i do?



Dear Max,

Until you are employed and you can afford to repay your debt, I’d do nothing. Contacting the creditor is not going to magically give you money to repay a debt that you can’t. Whatever the creditor might do, they are going to do simply because you are not paying. But like you said, you can’t afford to pay anything right now.

When you’ve got money coming in again that you can use to start repaying this debt, then contact the creditor back in the U.S.


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