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Myra & Grace

I don’t think I’ve ever combined two questions together before but since these are so similar in recommendation I thought I would.

“Dear Steve,

I am with Allegro Law since Nov and they have been taking $363.00 out of my checking account since then, now They tell me about the lawsuit n telling me a receiver taking over, but they don’t know when. I am deep in debt was $17,000 and lots more with penalties and late fees etc. I called Allegro and they told me wait a while longer before I quit them. I am on disability so don’t have lot of resources.

What should I do about Allegro Law, should I go ahead and quit them?


“Dear Steve,

I enrolled in a debt consolidation program with Allegro in Oct. 08, since then I have paid them over $6,000 and now I’m being sued by 2 of the 4 creditors in the “program” I have filed complaints with the bbb in Alabama and NY and well as the State Attorney’s General in those 2 states. I know that all of the Allegro’s money was assigned to trustee.

My question to you is do you know if the people who got ripped off by these crooks with ever get all or some of the money refunded? or should we call it a loss and learn a very expensive lesson?


Dear Myra & Grace,

I apologize for the joining of your questions but I think that by the time you get to the end of my answer you will understand why I have done this.

Both of you are clients with Allegro Law, a debt settlement company that was sued and closed down by the Alabama Attorney General.

Myra, I am deeply concerned that you are on disability and in a debt repayment program. As you say, I don’t think you have many resources and your income is limited. That is not a situation in which I would recommend either a debt management or debt settlement solution. The limited resources you have and your medical situation create a larger need for you to properly plan for the future rather than trying to repair the past.

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Grace, your debt settlement solution is completely falling apart here with you getting sued. The best possible outcome is that people in the program will have their debt settled by the receiver in mass as happened when a Florida debt settlement company was closed down. However I am afraid that will take many months and will come too late to deal with your suits.

My answer for both of you is that you need to immediately go and see a local bankruptcy attorney. In your case Myra, bankruptcy will stop the draining of assets you can’t afford to part with and will eliminate your debt.

And Grace, bankruptcy will stop these lawsuits and terminate your debt. It will close the door on these debts for good. As for getting money back, the receiver will send you a claim form at some point but I would not hold your breath that you are going to get much, if anything, back in fees that you’ve paid.

I’d be most appreciative if you could keep me posted on what you decide to do. I’m trying to keep all the comments to the Allegro Law posts in one place. If you subscribe to the comments or leave a comment on Debt Settlement Attorney Keith Nelms with Allegro Law Gets Sued in Alabama you will receive notifications of future comments on the Allegro Law situation.


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