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It is important for you to meet who we helped today through this site. As I mention, all over the place, revenue from people clicking on ads and using the service of advertisers is used to help sponsor people in poverty through Kiva. Please visit or use the services of advertisers on the GetOutOfDebt.org site so we can help more people.


This group’s leader, Zamira, is 28 from Karabalta, Kyrgyzstan. She earns her living by milking her cows and selling 15 liters of milk daily. Her husband, apart from helping her look after cows, works as a plumber. She has two children, a little son and a daughter. Six years ago, Zamira and her husband started dealing with real estate. After successfully selling some of their property, they bought a cow and a calf. They took a risk to put in $625, which was quite a large sum of money at that time. Now, they have turned it into a monthly income of $100. By means of saving money, they have obtained some necessary equipment for her husband’s work and a car.

Zamira and her husband need a loan to buy another cow. This would enable them breed their cattle and increase its population.

“Everything we do, we do for the sake of our children. Our son is growing up. Very soon, he will be going to school. So we need to purchase everything needed for his education, including stationary and (a) school uniform,” says Zamira.

Taalaibek, Suyorbubu and Kayir are in the same group with Zamira. Taalaibek is 40. He is married and has three children. Taalaibek provides for his family by collecting milk from local villagers and producing milk products. He sells these products in the city of Alma Ata. He needs a loan to purchase sheep and cows and to increase turnover.

Kayir is 44. She sells yogurt that she produces from her cow’s milk, or from milk that she buys from other villagers. She urgently needs a new fridge to put the milk products in since the old one cannot contain all of her products. She cannot buy a fridge unless she obtains a loan.

Suyorbubu is a housewife. She keeps a cow and sells milk. Some years ago she obtained a loan and bought a car. Since then, by selling milk she has managed to save enough money to buy new furniture for her son. She wants to obtain a loan to purchase calves and feed for them. After fattening them up, she is going to resell them.

“Even though raising livestock requires certain amount of efforts, it is not that troublesome. In a rural area like ours, it is the most convenient business,” says Suyorbubu with enthusiasm.

The reason I give money to Kiva to help people all over the world in disadvantaged places is so we can give someone an opportunity to start a small business so they can care for their family and become self-sufficient.

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