CACH, LLC is Suing Me for a Debt That is 11 Years Old. – Sharon

“Dear Steve,

Old debt…MBNA…six companies want me to pay them (different collection agencies)…1998 CACH, LLC has court date for me Sept. 15th…I have a box of proof of what I tried to do…but I am scared to death of going into court…

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What do I do…for 11 years this has made grow older faster because of lack of sleep, stress…Help


Dear Sharon,

This is a fairly simple issue to tackle. What you need to do ASAP is to contact a local attorney to review the matter. It is possible that the statute of limitations has expired on this debt, since so much time has expired, and you can’t be sued for this debt. The statute of limitation depends on the state you live in, the type of contract, and the length of time that has passed.

I know the worry and stress is weighing heavily on you. Now is the time for you get specific legal answers about your situation so you can rest easy.

Please promise to

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