Photos From the Road Yesterday WV to NY.

Here are some photos from the road yesterday as we travelled from Lewisburg, WV to Buffalo, NY where I had a chance to interview Derek. I’ll post the interview latter when I get a chance to edit it. But for now, I have to head off to Niagara Falls to see it, because it is there. The goal, Syracuse, NY tonight.

An interesting roadside sign in West “By God” Virginia. I’m not quite sure what homey mulch is and I’ll admit that I’m not sure I really want to know. But one thing is for certain, I don’t “needa carport”.


Apparently this McDonalds is very proud of it’s marketing prowess of selling five cheeseburgers and a McBasket of fries in one package. Congratulations Harrison County.


A very blue bridge. Was blue on special at WalMart? Seems very bright but oh well, it is a bridge.


Getting setup to interview Derek in the hotel lobby.


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