Photos From the Road. NY – Canada – NY.

Still on my debt tour and wanted to share some views from the road today.


Curious, certainly this isn’t an organized tour with people that share impaired vision from cloudy lenses inside their eyes. Is it? Niagara Falls, NY.


A couple of real posers. Actually posing for pictures taken by their friends. Not the kind of thing you routinely see. Niagara Falls, NY.


After you cross into Canada they tell you immediately how to get the hell out and go back to the U.S. Niagara Falls, Canada.


A visit to Hard Rock in Niagara Falls, Canada. I got to wait outside while Pam bought shirts.


I approached tis woman to ask her to interview her for the radio about the economy. She launched into a long explanation why she couldn’t because she was from Poland and didn’t have any papers. She also had an undocumented dog and just got a $20,000 speeding ticket. Huh?


This carving is on a building in Niagara Falls, Canada. I kept looking at it but all I could see was some Canadian dude pissing in Abraham Lincoln’s hat. What the hell is this supposed to depict? Really, WTF? Hey, are their feet touching?


On the bridge crossing back into the USA. You can see on of the big falls and ‘Our Lady of the Mist’ with blue ponchoed passengers sailing by.


Sorry, no matter how attractive you try to make this offer, I’ll still have to pass. Spooky!


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