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Elizabeth in Wilkes-Barre is Hopeful, Happy and Headed to Law School.


I’m tired. It’s been a long journey on this tour of talking to people about the economy and how to deal with financial adversity. I tell you this not as an explanation, but as an excuse. You see, I managed to tape this great interview with a very nice girl from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania tonight, but in my tiredness I forgot to push record. Doh!

But the reason I’m sharing this colossal screw-up is because Elizabeth had to some important observations to share.

She’s Wilkes-Barre born and raised and currently a college student at Kings College. She is heading for law school after graduation and is currently working as an administrator in a local law office.

Elizabeth sees tremendous hope, growth and opportunity in this part of Pennsylvania. She points to new businesses moving in, a revitalized downtown area, and the opportunity to find work and to work hard. She pointed to a growing confidence in the local economy by saying that her boyfriend just bought a brand new car.

When I asked Elizabeth if she had known people that had struggled financial she said that she had and her advice to anyone suffering with money trouble or who has gone bankrupt was that it shouldn’t matter. Wise beyond her years she observed that strife hits everyone at some point. Her opinion of people that have gone bankrupt was one of caring and wishing that they could move ahead with their lives and not get bogged down with past worries. But then again, she is a philosophy undergrad.


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