I Was Referred by The Achievable to Allegro Law for Debt Settlement Services. – Ashish


“Dear Steve,

I had a few credit cards and I graduated out of college in September 2007 and was not able to find a good job until September 2008. In this one year I maxed out all my credits cards. My debt was a little over $6500. In October 2008, I contacted a debt settlement agent from The Achievable and they referred me to Allegro Law LLC. Since October I have been making a monthly payment of $410.00. Only two installments have been left on my account. Allegro Law settled one of my accounts with Wa Mu. However, there are 3 more credit cards that need to be settled.

I recently talked to customer service representative at Allegro Law, and she told me that a receiver has be appointed and he/she has not yet made a decision. She advised me that I should call back every week to get any updates if there are any. I am so confused. I have already paid over $4000 in this program. I do not want to start over with some other company. What should I do?


Dear Ashish,

I was not familiar with a firm called The Achievable. Their website at TheAchievable.com seems to have vanished.

I did take a look back in history and found that they promoted themselves by saying:

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How the Achievable Plan Works:

Our program works! As one of the largest debt management companies in America, we’ve established a great relationship with your creditors and are empowered to help you achieve your goal. An Achievable advisor will contact your creditors to get your interest rate and monthly payments reduced to a more affordable amount. In addition, you no longer pay your creditors directly. We’ll pay your bills for you under much better terms. All of your debts are consolidated into one manageable, reduced payment. But it doesn’t stop there; put away your stamps! We’ll mail your bills for you and send you statements each month so you can see your progress. We provide you with the tools to find out what your creditors are saying about you. At long last, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment. You will become debt-free. You will achieve the achievable!

I was dumfounded when I saw that The Achievable was directly tied to Hess Kennedy & Company that has been closed down by the state of Florida.

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Here is what I found on their old website.

After making the first payment all subsequent payments should be mailed to:

Hess Kennedy & Company
PO Box 176
Syosset, NY 11791

I did call the customer service number they once listed and it was answered by an auto-attendant. The number was 1-800-665-9313. It appears that the client website is still up at https://www.debtaccountonline.com/theachievable/ and that it is serviced by AmeriCorp, the company that also serviced the accounts for Allegro Law and apparently for Hess Kennedy.

It also appears that AmeriCorp is or was servicing accounts for First Consumer Debt Consolidation, TCN The Credit Network, and IntelliDebt, as well as for Allegro and possibly, Hess Kennedy.

As for Allegro Law whom you signed up with, they have been closed down by the state of Alabama for breaking the rules. There is a lot of information on the Allegro Law mess on this page and even more information available in the comments as well.

P.S. Be sure to read ‘The Secret of Surviving Through Difficult Economic Times. What I Learned On My Journey‘.

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