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The Selling of Debt Settlement Services. It’s Easy to Sucker You In.

Did you know that for only $10,950 any person of unknown character and intent can launch a national advertising campaign and sell debt settlement services?

On my last tour of the country I was laying half awake in bed and on came this commercial that certainly appeared as if it was a news broadcast or message from the government. It all looked official but it was nothing more than a sales pitch for debt settlement services.

The audio below is not the best but it was the best I could get on short notice.

The commercial lead me to a company, JCRTV, that appeared to specialize in debt settlement marketing services. That could generate leads for seemingly anyone willing to pay for the debt settlement marketing package.

They promised:

  • Higher percentage of converted calls to Leads
  • Higher percentage of qualified callers
  • Lower cost per in bound unique lead
  • Instant inbound Activity for your sales staff
  • Trackable phone number provided & routed to your location
  • Inbound call analysis completed & e-mailed to you daily
  • Score calls and evaluate sales staff


This company is promising to air a professional produced debt settlement commercial to attract sales leads and consumers to be sold to for not much money up-front. If you watch the commercial one of the visual message is that you need to eliminate your debt through debt settlement so you can get access to platinum cards and credit again.

Here is the package that was for sale on the day I saw the debt settlement commercial.


As you can see the emphasis of this commercial and packaged news looking government appearing spot is to generate leads for a sales staff to close. There is no mention of the appropriateness of the debt settlement solution for viewers or callers and that screening will be left up to the sales staff fielding the calls.

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In fact, the site mentions that leads from the commercial that land in their call center will be handled to maximize revenue.

Work The Lead ensures that leads are captured and then routed in the most profitable direction for you. Source

And if someone or some company is paying $10,950 to air the commercial, how selective do you think they will be about the people that are calling in determining who is a good candidate for debt settlement services?

But this company selling the packaged commercial, which I felt was excruciatingly misleading as a news program with inserted commercials, also markets, guess what, loan modification commercials and leads, another industry with a current dubious record of misleading consumers.

jcrtv loan modification

So let there be no mistake that when you call some random commercial off a radio, print or television commercial, the emphasis is not on placing you in the most appropriate solution, but selling you a service and making money off of you. Don’t believe me, read what an industry insider had to say.

Debt Settlement is Even Sold by Multi-Level Marketing Programs

Here is a video that promotes the money that people will make by selling you debt settlement services. Go to 6:06 to see the advertised debt settlement commission structure for this program.

Now go to 2:00 in this video to see the money that is promoted that you could make by selling people into debt settlement.

So are these video all about the benefits of debt settlement or the money that can be made by selling people into debt settlement and credit restoration? It’s just about selling people services they may or may not need.

Hopefully I’ve been able to educate you that when you are reaching out for debt settlement services you are nothing more than a sale waiting to be closed. There is no emphasis made about if it is an appropriate solution for you. It is simply about ROI, closure rates, profit per deal. I’m afraid that people are generally sold using a lot of information that seems plausible and realistic, but it’s simply not.

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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • Hey Steve,

    Thanks for sending me the link to this video. You are correct most of these companies are scams and are praying on people who are in other words are desperate. They are overwhelmed with their situations and are being sold on an easy way out of debt.

    With all of my clients I make sure to let them know that this is a serious matter that does have negative effects. The fact of the matter is that most settlements do happen after charge off because most people don’t have the money to pay off the settled amount.

    Most companies will have you set money in a trust account or joint account each month. Why anyone would do this is beyond reason. It is no different then you sending that money to the settlement company to hold for you. What do you think is going to happen to that money if that company gets shut down? What do you think the odds are that anyone will ever see that money again?

    This is why it is important for people to understand that a debt settlement program is not the best choice for everyone because it will have a negative effect against your credit. A debt settlement program should only be used by people who are in a hardship situation and can’t afford to pay the minimum payments.

    Most of the debt settlement companies out their will tell you one thing and do something completely different. For example if a creditor decides to take legal action against you they can no longer negotiate that account for you.

    At that point only you or a lawyer can negotiate that account. Do to the fact that these companies are not law firms and most do not have attorneys it is called unpracticed license of law and even if that company has one attorney he may only be licensed to practice law in their state not necessarily your state.

    Debt settlement can be a great option for people who are in a situation where they can no longer afford to make payments but if you are looking to use it because you don’t want to pay then you are in for a surprise. If you have used your cards for cash advances only or have in a short period of time taken out large cash advances and think that
    the creditors are going to just let it go.

    I have even heard of companies telling people to go ahead and pull out the remaining balances in cash advances or use the card to pay the fee’s for the program before you start. This is a quick way to make your situation a lot worse.

    Just like any type of industry there will always be companies who are only their to take your money and run. This is why it is important to take the responsibility to research any company before signing up with them.
    .-= Joe Sellers´s last blog ..We should be thanking the credit card companies for all that they have done for us over the years =-.

  • Steve.

    Great job in posting all of the articles on your site. I would like to go into the business of helping people with debt settlements and/or debt management but I have hesitate because I have noticed many misleading and downright fraudulent advertisement that is going on. I am not against making a living but it should be an honest living. I enjoy helping people dealing with these issues but just as important I want to be able to do this in an honest and sincere way. If you have any suggestions how I can get started in this business please let me know. Miguel

    • Miguel,

      This would be the worst time to get involved with being a debt settlement provider of services. I would urge you to wait at least a year and let all the upcoming regulations and legislation to become effective and then you can make sure that the business you would create would be legally compliant.


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