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I’m 21, Permanently Disabled and Trying to Deal With My Credit Cards. – Anna

“Dear Steve,

My name is anna I am a 21yr old women trying to get on my feet. I am recently perm. disabled and behind on credit card payments at least 3-6 months.

I only recive a monthly income of $570.00. I live with family but have to provide my own food/personal items. I have no bank account (since the one I had was closed after $500 worth of over draft fees were tacked on since I could not pay the inital $35 fee at the time) I do not own a home have any savings or stocks.

I am in over my head with credit card companies charging me late fees well over $40.00each card each month!. . . the stress is really starting to become overwhelming I use my disability check for transportation, doctor visits and prescriptions not covered so most months I am usually left with Negative money! I would like to start off on the right foot but there just seems to be not enuff money to even try debt consolidation any ideas on a solution ?

Is there any way out of credit card debt when your income is FIXED &VERY low?


Dear Anna,

Is there a way out, yes, it’s called bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy certainly seems like an appropriate solution for you in your situation. There does not seem to be any expectation that you will be able to repay this debt in your current situation and your limited income is needed for your basic medical care.

I would suggest that you contact one of the pro-bono bankruptcy lawyers available here and contact one in your area immediately.


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