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Jim’s Caller Question

“Hey Steve, my name is Jim. I’m on a permanent disability, my wife is working for more than 17 years. We’re purchasing our home we’re on a re-financial home a couple of years ago in order to lock in a great rate. We are told we needed to take care some unfinished work in our home. We maxed out a few credit cards in order to just buy some of the repairs the modification requested. The refi was supposed to pay off for debts and fixed the remaining house issues while doing a work on the home banks begin to rules on loans during the time or you’re trying to complete our work projects on the home, the home evaluate went from 95% to 60%. We had more on the home that we could borrow. Now we have been paying on this cards and the rates keep going up it seems We are current and all of our bills and try to pay a little extra most well more on others to pay them off. We’ve paid a few off over the past year but when asked to get the rates lowered we were told no by most and we’re given or even offered t he names of the companies that we could call to help us with our debts. We are in our 50’s and we’d like to be added on the debt before we turn 65 or still enjoying some life, this rate in joining life is hard to do in getting our debt is almost impossible with the rates are being charged now anyway. P.S. we still need a few, and need a new roof and some repairs down to our home after the hard winner this past year, we are stuck we are not falling behind but we can get it headed off. My research is creating more questions and answers. The question is are the good death settlement companies here in Washington State some of our creditors have lowered the rate so we don’t to include them any repayment plan or bankruptcy through a company. Where do we turn?

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Charles’s Caller Question

“Yes, Steve. I have a question. I have some unsecured debt that I’m looking to try to get from under and try to decide on that management consolidation program or (??) that negotiation program. I’m trying to see which one has the less, I guess, the credit and I want to be of the rebound fairly quickly. My name is Charles. Thanks. ”

Cheryl’s Caller Question

“My name is Cheryl and our situation is we trusted in like the Allegro law firm and took our $5,000 from us and didn’t pay one penny to our credit card. Can we sue them? Can we get our money back? How do we get our money back? We need that money so we can further on. They’ve made our life in living hell. Please give me an answer. Thank you. Bye.”

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