“Bank of America’s Message to Me Was Tough Shit!”

Certainly an impassioned point of view from a very angry Bank of America customer that feels strongly that she is not going to pay Bank of America one more penny.

Here are some videos that responded to the original video or content. As you can see she has a few fans. Although the message could have better embraced by people without a tin foil hat or who could actually look at the camera.


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3 thoughts on ““Bank of America’s Message to Me Was Tough Shit!””

  1. I just got a call from Bank of America and was told if I didn’t give them update financial information they were going to close my accounts. I reluctantly gave them the info requested because of the credit score impact and they closed two accounts, one with a balance and one without, and they lowered my credit available on my Visa. All this and I’ve never been late on a payment. I’m sure it’ll show on my credit report as negative.

    I’d sure love to see a class action lawsuit to stop this stuff. Either way, I’ll just pay them off and do business elsewhere.

  2. For a few years I’ve had a Bank of America credit card with a pretty generous line of credit ($25K). In my business there is no such thing as regular cash flow, so I use lines of credit to make it through the lean times, and to buy inventory when a good opportunity arises. Back in the day, the banks were sending me all sorts of pre-approved lines of credit, with extremely low (sometimes 0%) interest. I have very good credit scores, and always make monthly payments well before the due date. Recently I decided to pay off the BOA line, and a week later I received a letter informing me that my credit line was being reduced to $1K. I was pretty sure that there must have been some sort of mistake, so I called BOA to inquire as to the reason for their action. They explained that their credit analysts looked at my files and came to the conclusion that since I made a large lump sum payoff, I must have gotten that money from another credit source, and that I was just moving debt around from one card to another. They simply made this assumption, and sent me an impersonal letter reducing my credit line to almost nothing, even though I had been a good client with a perfect track record.

    I had a lengthy conversation with their representative on the phone, and tried not to heap too much verbal abuse on him, but this was a classic example of the impersonal corporate attitude that is all too prevalent in this country. It’s my own fault for getting involved with the creeps at BOA in the first place. I was seduced by their attractive interest rate, but I’d rather pay a higher % and deal with decent local people with whom one can develop a working relationship. Since the financial crisis began, the taxpayers have propped up Bank of America with about $165 billion in TARP funds and various guarantees of their bad assets, but apparently there is no gratitude forthcoming. They continue to pay their incompetent executives huge salaries and bonuses, yet they have little regard for their own client base. I look forward to the day when their fluorescent corporate logo disappears from our main street. I’ve torn up their card, and will take out a home equity line of credit with a local institution.

    • Gizmo,

      Tis might make you grin, just a bit. About ten years ago I had a Visa card from a bank that would freeze my account for five days each month after I paid my bill in full. They said it represented unusual activity.

      Banks seemingly place no value on what you did for them yesterday. It’s all about what you are going to do for them tomorrow.



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