Glenn Beck says Bankruptcy is Good! Rush Limbaugh Has Already Been Bankrupt Once.

Call me what you want, but I’m not a big watcher of FOX News. Other extended members of my friends and family worship Fox News, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. They would be described as members of the moral majority, the Christian conservative branch of the family.

But yesterday I was on my motorcycle, riding down the road and I passed a guy wearing a t-shirt that said “FOX Rocks!” It’s what I get for living in the South. The shirt made me chuckle and then wonder what people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh would think about the financial mess consumers are facing and their take on bankruptcy. Would they be critical and judge people negatively that went bankrupt?

I’ll admit it. I was surprised by what I discovered.

“So here’s the one thing that no one else will say about this story today: We have been in denial. Bankruptcy is good! In fact, the word “bankruptcy” has been absent from our vocabulary for way too long.” – Glenn Beck (Source)

I certainly thought that Glenn Beck’s position would be that people should suck it up and soldier on, but to my surprise, his message is actually that bankruptcy is good. And it is apparently good for business and good for the consumer in trouble. Watch the video below for more on his shifting sand consumer debt beliefs.

After a bit more research I discovered that Glenn Beck is the child of parents that filed for bankruptcy. “They will probably do what my parents did and file for bankruptcy.” (Source)

So what about the most infamous radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh. Well it appears that Rush Limbaugh went bankrupt in the past, sometime in the 1980s.

So for all my conservative friends and readers that want to avoid bankruptcy because of the stigma or they feel it is their duty to repay debts and avoid bankruptcy, let me ask you, if it is good enough and endorsed by the conservative heros, isn’t it the right thing for you to do or at least consider also when you find yourself in a financial mess?

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2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck says Bankruptcy is Good! Rush Limbaugh Has Already Been Bankrupt Once.”

  1. That’s funny Steve! Of course it makes me want to avoid bankruptcy at all costs, since those are a couple of vile, repulsive pond scum kind of people that lead the right wing lunes. (but laugh all the way to the bank)
    I do have to file bankruptcy though, since I owe close to $60k in credit cards and have 8 kids and income less then $60k a yr. The problem with trying to file though is it costs more then I can get my hands on even after I stopped paying the cards! I’ve been trying to get $500 since July and still haven’t saved a dime!


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