What Can I Do to Get My Husbands Credit Score to Go Up Instead of Down? – Aubrie


“Dear Steve,

My husband and I are trying to refinance our home. In order to be approved we need a credit score of 620. My husband had a few medical collections on his credit report, so I payed them off. His score went from 609 to 575.

Why would paying off old collections cause my husband’s score not only to drop, but to drop over 30 points??? And what can we do to get it where it up to 620?


Dear Aubrie,

I’m curious if you actually looked at his consolidated credit report that contained all three credit bureaus? A couple of things are possible here. Either he has had some new negative item or late payment reported since you last looked at this credit report or the scoring model has been changed. Credit scoring companies can certainly do that.

My advice would be for you to order a new consolidated credit report with the credit score option. Use the credit report link. There may be other negative items reported on his other major credit reports that you have not see and the credit score option will tell you exactly what must be done to bring the score up.

Please update me on your progress by

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