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I Have No Job and Just Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer. – Carrole

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“Dear Steve,

Own a home with 30000 equity, have no job and have just been diagnoised with terminal cancer. No liquid assets. No insurance. I have no family to borrow from. I am 55 years old. Took early retirement. Rolled over retirement to funds I can not touch for 5 years.

Can i save my house? can i gain access to my investment and is that the right thing to do? where can i go for emergency help?


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  • Carole:

    You are a brave woman to ask for help, as so many of us do not and are left fighting a life-battle solo. I certainly am no attorney, but do have a few ideas you might explore:

    1)Contact any community social service agency to inquire about Medicaid. In many states, one can keep their primary residence along with certain retirement accounts and still qualify. Medicaid is different from Medicare (which is more of an insurance policy funded by the taxes you have paid during your working life). Medicaid is a “needs-based” program for people in your exact situation…..and there are no age limitations.

    2)Apply for Social Security Disability. This can be an exhaustive process, but many attorneys will do this for you on a financial agreement that their fee is taken out of your lump sum back payment should you be approved. Do not feel guilty or shamed by going on “the public dole” as some might imply. This program was implemented for individuals just like yourself.

    3) If you have internet access, do a web search for “free drug programs”…..which will take you to a vast resource of access to programs offered by the drug companies for free or greatly discounted medications your disease might require. Do not deny yourself the treatment you need for your own comfort and potential to fight this attacker.

    4) Do not try to go this alone. There are support groups for virtually every illness known to man on the internet or in your community. Only by reaching out to those who have “been there” can you gain the power that information can provide

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, my dear lady.

    Take care of yourself,


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