I Am Unemployed Right Now And Just Called The Suicide Hotline. – Neyzimar

“Dear Steve,

Hi Steve, I am unemployed right now and in complete despair. I just called the suicide hot line because Suicide is the only thing that comes to my mind. It is a coward solution and certainly goes complete opposite of my religious believes.

My husband hates me because I can not find a job and now unemployment benefits are running out. We are in a debt management program, MMI and I think, sometimes, things will get better. But I am in such emotional distress that when I go to an interview probably the interviewers are looking right inside me and noticing I am a nervous breakdown ready to happen.

Or another one I should say, the fist one was in August 08 right after an explosion of hate from his part in the car; with a punch to the windshield glass of the car. A huge crack occurred and he dropped me at work( how can anyone work after this?) I lost my job that day! Went back home for four months but I am back in America now and I need a Job!

Before I worked in Sales and Customer Service, and I was pretty good at it, but now I have no confidence, no positive attitude and I know that is dragging me down. I need to forget the husband ( he has already forgotten me!) I need to improve my attitude! Please advise!

Thank you so much,


Dear Neyzimar,

Thank you for contacting me. I hope I can help you with some insight.

First, every life is precious and for you to commit suicide because of your debts would be a needless waste of your good life and the potential you have inside of you.

If you are unemployed and facing benefits running out, I don’t think a debt management plan from Money Management International, MMI, or any group is a sustainable solution for you. The moment you fail to make your DMP payments the plan will fail and creditors will be back after you.

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Your situation is probably better repaired with bankruptcy, for two reasons. The first is as I mentioned above, the current path is most likely not sustainable or will lead to you getting out of debt. Secondly, as long as your money troubles are following you, you are correct, they do impact your emotional life and your self-confidence.

Your observations about the interviews is spot on. The worst time to interview is out of desperation rather than inspiration. The tension you are giving off is nearly palpable and could very possibly be a turn off to potential employers.

So let’s take some immediate actions to turn this situation around. I want you to find a local bankruptcy attorney you like. Make an appointment to go in for a free bankruptcy consultation and talk through the process. Learn about what bankruptcy can offer you.

Next, I want you to go any apply at all the temporary agencies in town. Getting sent out of temp assignments will improve your self-confidence, generate some income, and may lead to a full time job.

As your self-confidence will rapidly improve you will be in a better position to confidently apply for a new position.

As far as your husband goes, if at all possible, it would be a good idea to sit down and talk through what is making him angry. If he is simply disappointed with you because you are no longer an income producing unit then I think the issues may be insurmountable. But if he is just nervous and tense since he does not see a solution to this corner you are boxed in, the approach above can help.

Please update me on your progress by The Secret of Surviving Through Difficult Economic Times. What I Learned On My Journey‘.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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7 thoughts on “I Am Unemployed Right Now And Just Called The Suicide Hotline. – Neyzimar”

  1. My situation is similar, but I don’t have a spouse.  I have been out of work over two years, gone through bankruptcy and foreclosure, lost health insurance, and live with my dad who is now facing eviction.  I may be on the street soon.  I attempted suicide two months ago but survived it.  I keep getting rejected by temp agencies because I have college and they view me as overqualified.  I am DESPERATE to do anything. Networking is BS.  People don’t seem to want to be bothered and I have run through my list.  I used to be a well paid attorney and am now crap.  No human being should ever have to go through this.  Please help.

  2. I am 56 years old and lost my business and alot of money in real estate and the stock market. I am deeply in debt, over $600,000 and each day things seem to get worse. I think about suicide alot but for some reason I know the chances of me really doing it are almost nil. It would be easy for me to do it but I guess I’m not going  to allow myself to give into these thoughts. The way I see it if I did I would most likley be punished in the afterlife. Stick it out if you are thinking of killing yourself as I think you will cause alot of pain for your loved ones and will not be free of you suffering in the afterlife and I do believe there is an afterlife. Hang in there. I know I will even though those thoughts won’t leave me alone.

  3. I too am thinking of suicide. I have been unemployed for 1 year and 8 months. Why doesn’t the media talk about this instead of the BP oil leak. What is more important?

    Thanks for listening,

  4. Steve,
    It’s great to know someone does care!

    I am in a (some what) better place now after reading of someone who’s in a simular situation as myself. Thank You for providing this medium.
    I too am currently unemployed and have been for almost two years now after being layed off of my job of 14 years. I know I am blessed and I am very grateful for all that I still have. Although I have numberous medical conditions (HIV, Diabetes, high blood pressure etc). Stress is proberly gonna kill me. I can work and want to work. I’ve been working since I was 13 years old and I am now 55.5 years old. I am about to loose my family home in which I was born in. I’ve been trying to sell my home to no avail for almost one year. I owe over $640,000 on my home. One of my doctors has been assisting me in paying my mortgage. Now I am indebted to him for $70,000 I’m blessed to have him help me pay the monthly mortgage. How long that will last I do not know. All of my credit cards are maxed out and I am now behind in my state tax payments which puts me in default of my mortage agreement. I am the only child and I was forced to use every resouse, refincing the house repeatly. Also using all of my 401K monies to care for my elderly parents with 24 hour home care and nursing home care. I’d do it all over again in order for their last days to be comfortable. My father passed in March 2002 and my Mom has now been gone 29 months since May 2007. My husband passed in 1990. And my Ex of 8 years got masrried last year to my surprize. Life goes on. It’s just me and two big dogs. My only child age 30 who is married and lives in other state has just given birth to my second grand child. One of my blessings. She has no idea of my medical conditions nor the enormity of my financal plight. Just venting here…. I will try some of your suggestions for “Neyzimer”.
    Thanks for allowing me to vent. I will sleep tonight with the possibility of “Hope”. Thanks agin

  5. Dear Steve,

    Thank you for your feedback, it was helpful! Actually just having somebody to hear you is help enough! Nowadays nobody has time for anyone else but themselves. So, Thank you so much and I do see a tiny, little light at the end of the tunnel.

    God Bless and I will keep you posted!



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