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My Husband Owes £10,000 But His Credit Report Shows Nothing. – Sarah

By on October 6, 2009
My Husband Owes £10,000 But His Credit Report Shows Nothing. – Sarah

“Dear Steve,

Hi My husband has really bad debt and owes around £10,000. We recently did a credit report with Equifax to find out exactly what he owes so that we can begin repairing his credit status. The problem is after putting his past addresses in his file is not coming up with any credit history at all. Is it possible the debts could have been removed? we dont understand why nothing is coming up.

Because of my husbands debt I have the mortgage on my house in my own name. I recently applied to a loan on my own and I have been advised that because we are married I have to apply for the loan with my Husband. Are there any loan companies ( reputable) out there that will give me a loan on my own without my husband. I have tried Black horse finance who I had a loan with previously ( before I was married) and they still want me to apply jointly.

Help we desperately need the money and I am not sure what else to do!


Dear Sarah,

Just to clarify for readers, you are located in the UK. I recognize the company Black Horse Finance as a UK based finance company.

There are a number of reasons why his £10,000 debt does not appear on his credit report. But basically, only information reported by creditors, voluntarily, is reported on the credit report. You didn’t mention who he owed but I would assume at first glance it is probably not a High Street lender. Just because it is not report does not mean he doesn’t owe it.

Is he still getting bills for this past debt? What was it for? Who is the creditor?

The reason lenders want you to apply jointly is so they can yoke both of you with the loan. I am not aware of any UK based lender that would not ask the same.

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Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.


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