My Husband Gets Collection Calls From Payday Lenders. He is Now Trying to Make Money With Herbalife. – Cindy

“Dear Steve,

I’ve been married since 05 and we have all accounts separate due to his poor credit history. I thought this was a result of a divorce, but I am starting to think otherwise as he has bad spending habits and always runs out of money.

I have received calls from companies such as payday loans, fast cash and now cash call. Various credit card companies call to collect on his past due accounts. no checking, loans, utilities are in joint names. I have great credit and would like to keep it that way. Everything was in my name prior to our marriage. I have added a loan in my name for a vehicle for him to drive titled to me and an addition to the house, also in my name, since 05.

Cashcall just called my home to speak with my husband again. I thought that he was paying the remaining bills down since he lost his job in April 09. He has since joined Herbalife to start his own business. I have no idea how much this costs.

Can I be held responsible for any debt he owes through these cash advance companies? Is there a way I can find out how many of these loans he has been securing? It is causing a lot of distrust in our marriage and more debt than I know. He has used these companies in the past and I know the fees and interest are outlandish.


Dear Cindy,

Well hell yeah it is causing problems. And if you don’t take some action to intervene here this path will most likely wreck your marriage and lead to divorce.

In marriage, spenders tend to attract savers as partners. It is clear which person you are. The hopes of fundamentally changing him would be silly. The only way this thrill seeker, gambler, adrenaline junky is going to change is if he hits a financial bottom or you hold his feet to the fire and make him accountable.

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Do you want this man to be your roommate or your life partner and husband? If you want more than a roommate then you need to gently sit him down and he needs to come completely clean with his financial affairs and you need to, together, order a copy of his consolidated credit report and credit score. Use the link, it’s the same one I use and love.

The credit report will give the two of you the best look at who he owes and since not every credit bureau reports all accounts, that’s why you need the 3 in 1 consolidated credit report.

Next, you need to find a way to encourage him to cooperate with you to develop a plan to begin to repay his debt. You absolutely do not use your money to do this. If you do you will only enable his piss poor money behavior.

You will need a plan to bring down the debt using the debt snowball approach. He needs to be accountable to you weekly on his progress.

The fact that he has jumped into Herbalife following his string of financial failures tells me he is more in search of the thrill of the chase of something new than accepting responsibility for his past financial transgressions.

Now, it might just be that he is so underwater in debt that we’ll have to look at a Plan B as a next step, but first find out what his financial reality is and report back.

Please update me on your progress by

You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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