My Bank Does Not Accept Payment From a Debt Management Plan. What Do I Do? – Junior

“Dear Steve,

I’ve been in a dmp for the last year and 2 months. own a business.

I am enrolled in a dmp plan but i have 2 credit cards from the same bank that do not accept payments. how do i go about this to resolve this?


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Dear Junior,

Basically, you can’t. Unlike bankruptcy, no creditor can be forced to participate in any debt management plan, credit counseling program or debt settlement program if they don’t want to. Even if it makes logical sense for them to participate, they have no obligation to.

To make matters worse, even if a creditor or bank did participate, there is nothing from preventing them from changing their mind and no longer honoring any change of terms they originally agreed to.

Your options are limited:

  1. Make at least the minimum contractual payment.
  2. Default and pay less than is required.
  3. Consider bankruptcy if you need a payment plan that is based on what you can actually afford and you want your creditors to have to agree to it.

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