I Am in Dubai and Scared the Police Will Come to My Office and Drag Me to Jail. – Ismail

“Dear Steve,

Dear sir,

My name is ismail, i am an india working past from 2 years in dubai.

I am working in [XXXXX]. as an Auto Cad draughtsman. I was terminated from my work on 10 th of Dec 2008, On my working days i had taken a loan & credit card from salary transfer a/c NBD bank amount of 75000.00 + 8000.00 Dhs. this loan i took for my sister wedding. till my last working day i was regular on my monthly instalment,

And also have a credit card in RAK & Barclays bank. but due to job loss i was not able to pay my instalment properly but i paid how much i could effort. I requested my company Leader Interior LLC take me back, And they agreed to take me back with same package on May 2009.

After joining back to same company, i informed all my banks but i did not have any document. It took 1 month to get all document which prove that i have joined company again. But NBD did not wait of it and they bounced my cheque made a police case against me, when i spoke to bank they told me to clear credit card and bank will give realized letter for police, in the same time bank has freezed my a/c and from past 4 month im not able to withdraw cash from my a/c.

Last month ie 1st week of set 2009 i cleared my credit card, this money was sent from my home town india, by selling my mother’s gold and im the only son in the family rest 3 sisters, and a old mother and father fully depend on my earning. After clearing my nbd credit card i went and spoke to bank to realise my a/c and police case but they keep on telling me its under process will take time, this is happening from past 3 month. Due to this im not able to make payment for other banks RAK and Barclays bank. I informed both bank that my a/c is freezed im not able to withdraw cash so how can i pay, But RAK bank consider my reason as a fack and bounced my cheque made police case. They used very harsh and bad language.

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Now i have 2 police case and i am not getting salary from past 3 month, i really dont know how to survey here without money. My mother is sick, i dont have money for her treatment. I am really worried about my family, my job. i really dont know which door to nock. i have a job but i dont get salary how will i live. i even tried to commit suicide but when i think of my old parents i fail to do so. i am really scared that when police will come to my office and drag me in jail.

Please guide me and help me to come out from my problem.

What should i do?

thanking you


Dear Ismail,

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Well I doubt the will “drag” you to jail. But the possibility of jail time in Dubai for bad debts is very real.

I would urge you to find an attorney in Dubai that can advise you about your legal problems.

Outside of coming to some mutually satisfiable arrangement with your banks, the being asked to come to court for a hearing on this matter is a real possibility.

The underlying problem here is the Dubai doe not have any legal process to allow people to work their way out of debt. There is no personal bankruptcy process and lenders seem to not be enthusiastic about taking partial payments. Their demands are unreasonable, but without other options.

Please update me on your progress by

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Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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