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New Debt Settlement Software Helps to Not Kill Sales and Increase Closing Percentage and Retention Rates

Here is a recent press release from a company that makes software for the debt settlement industry, in case you did not understand that debt settlement is a sales oriented business. The bolded sections were added by me for emphasis.

MSTARS, LLC is pleased to announce that its new Virtual Training System (VTS) has officially launched and is already in use by some of the strongest companies in the Debt Settlement Industry.

Through real time observation and feedback from hundreds of agent training sessions, MSTARS found that business owners and sales managers alike were seeking a thorough, streamlined training system for their sales agents. Costly floor time is repeatedly demanded from them, and in many cases, their time is spent on redundant questions that could be eliminated by an automated training program. For most, the cost of hiring a company sales trainer was not a desirable option, so they sought something more cost effective to resolve their training challenges.

After countless hours of production, MSTARS, LLC has unveiled its new state-of-the-art Virtual Training System. Early feedback has confirmed that manager’s love the time it saves them during the initial hiring/training stage of their operation. Now they can issue login credentials upon new hire, allowing each agent to gain a comprehensive and regimented understanding of what debt settlement is, how it should be sold, and key disclosure concepts. Additionally, with closing percentages and retention rates increasing for their advanced agents, seasoned agents love it too.

MSTARS, LLC, has been a long time proponent of boosting sales results, yet with a focus on maintaining compliant disclosures to the consumer in the process. Often times cumbersome disclosures confuse sales agents causing them to either kill a sale or skim over them in a ‘less than honest way.’ Realizing the strong need for proper disclosure, yet knowing its potential to hinder the sales process, MSTARS’ developed a winning way to help sales agent’s digest the language and effectively communicate to the consumer in an understandable and saleable way. All this is covered for the sales agents in the compliance modules included in the new Virtual Training System.

When Matt Hearn, Lead Training Director at MSTARS, LLC was asked how the new MSTARS Virtual Training System will affect the way that Debt Settlement is sold to consumers, he said “We’re very excited to help Debt Settlement Companies improve their bottom lines, but in a way that is honest, ethical, and toes the line with compliance. Consumers need this service now more than ever, and we’re doing everything we can to help companies grow by meeting consumer needs with the debt settlement program, but in a way that helps the consumer understand the related challenges it will bring but why it is worth persevering to complete the program.”

If you would like more information on how your company could benefit from implementing the Virtual Training System from MSTARS, please contact 952-451-6288 for a free trial.


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  • Every business involves some sort of sales process, even hospitals “up-sell” you on arrays of tests and preventative medicines. Debt relief is no exception. Consumers were “sold” into the idea of easily leveraging their credit to buy whatever they wanted regardless of the “fine print” that would ultimately pin them down under exhorbitant interest rates and a maxed out feeling. I checked out this company and have found that they are working pretty hard to insert ethical protocols into the agents in debt settlement companies that would otherwise say whatever they needed to to get the consumers to enroll in their programs. I appreciate companies that are up front enough to admit that the industry they work within has problems and then aren’t afraid to do something about it. Anyways, cudos to people like this that are honest. I hope their software changes the companies using it. Debt settlement is a great way to offload debt if you understand what it really is. If I’m going to get involved in anything, I at least want to be shot straight so I can make up my own mind. If the “marketer” I’m talking to isn’t qualified, I am not doing business with them anyway. Why doesn’t the whole lot of them take some time to figure out how to help the average joe and not try to find ways to lie cheat and steal? Maybe they should all call mstar. Thanks for the article!

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