Will My UK Creditors Hunt Me Down? – David

“Dear Steve,

i have £16000 GBP in consumer loans or credit card debt, i am unemployed and have no way of paying the total sum back to the crediters who are MBNA Capital one, vanquis and Santander zero credit cards and one loan from the Santander Bank all of which is based in the U.K ,

I sold my house in the U.K a few years ago and so no longer have any capital in there

l made a business in the philippines but my partner took it away from me,

So i have no capital there either.

What money i have is for survival only.

Will my creditors from the u.K try to find me in the Philippines?
will any authorities like immigration or NBI or Credit referance agencies be informed about me


Dear David,

While it is certainly possible to send an account out for international collections, it actually rarely happens. It would also be rare if a credit bureau in the Philippines was informed about you credit history in the UK.

Additionally, you will not have any problem reentering the UK to visit or return. There is no border control for bad debts. If there was, who would they let in?

If you decided you wanted to put an end to all the debts in the UK you can file bankruptcy in the UK from abroad within the first three years after you leave. If you need help to go bankrupt in the UK from overseas then click here for help.

Please update me on your progress by The Secret of Surviving Through Difficult Economic Times. What I Learned On My Journey‘.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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