My Father Passed Away. Is My Mother Responsible For His Credit Card Debt? – Richard

“Dear Steve,

My father passed away with credit card debt. In the state of Texas is my mom responsible for the creit card debt. She ws not a co applicant on the card. She was only a autorized user.It is going to be hard for her to make since she was a stay at home wife.All she has is a little life ins policy and apaid off house thanks for your help


Dear Richard,

What you should do is obtain some additional original certified death certificates. Once you get those you should write a letter to each credit card company your father owe and explain that he has passed away and include a copy of the death certificate. That should end the issue as long as your mother has not continued to use the card after his death. Make sure she does not use any of those cards she was only an authorized user of.

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2 thoughts on “My Father Passed Away. Is My Mother Responsible For His Credit Card Debt? – Richard”

  1. My Father passed away and left credit card debt. They keep calling the house and mailing us bills. Some of them know that he has passed and have asked us who is in charge of his estate. My Father left no $ behind.
    What can I do?
    There are no co-applicants only me his daughter as an authorized user.

    • Rosemary,

      Get additional official copies of his death certificate and mail them to the creditor when they call. You can tell them there were no assets from his estate to distribute.



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