The Second Attribute to Getting Out of Debt – Gratitude

This is an excerpt from my ebook “The Path to Happiness and Wealth”.

The Second Attribute – Gratitude

You know someone has achieved internal prosperity if they are grateful for the life they have. So, if someone else does something kind for you, be grateful. The only thing you are entitled to in life is…let’s see…nothing. That’s right. Everything more than nothing is a blessing in your life. Be thankful and grateful for whatever kindness or good fortune comes your way. A key attractor for money is gratitude. Those who are ungrateful often get the garbage that life dumps.

A gracious attitude is easy to accomplish. If you start from a position of understanding that any moment could be your last, you can easily find things for which to be grateful. I’ll grant you, it’s hard at times. If you find it hard to find anything to be grateful for, use the emergency gratitude


Emergency Gratitude Checklist

(If you can answer “yes” to any of the following, you have something for which to be grateful.)
1. Am I alive?

Teresa, my wonderful and kind mother-in-law, died after a long period of terrible pain. Every joint and bone ached from being stuck in bed. The moment she was told she had pancreatic cancer, her spirit died. She stopped laughing, smiling or being happy at all. The end was rapid and horrible; then she died and left a huge void. While it looks like there is nothing to be grateful for, there is.

Teresa suffered so much but had much to be grateful for; she just forgot it in her anger over her situation. She could not see through her anger and remember the blessing of many years of joy, love and comfort from a caring family. They were by her side when she died and they took great care of her through her life and in her final days. For most of her life she laughed and was a friend to all. She was the kindest person I ever knew.

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She died, and that feels awful. But she lived and for that I’m grateful.

Try this simple exercise. Look around wherever you are right now and see how many things for which you can be grateful.

How is the temperature?
Does it smell bad?
Is anyone threatening you?
Are you in pain?
Are you comfortable?

Let me show you how this works in real life. As I sit and write this, I’m in my home office, the temperature is very comfortable, I have a cold glass of water, I’m sitting in a comfortable chair, the light is just right and the ideas are flowing. I’m grateful for all of the things that are right. Are some things not as perfect as I’d like them? Sure. But why not be grateful for those things that are good and fix the things that are not? You have a responsibility to yourself to be happy. Start small. Be grateful whenever you can.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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