How Do I Get a Child Support Collection Removed From My Credit Report

“Dear Steve,

I have a child support collection on my trans Union report dating back to 2001 (date opened) and showing date closed as Nov 2007. As it’s more than 7 years old can’t that be deleted? Also, the state recently added the same collection to my Equifax with the same dates. Can’t that be deleted as well?


Dear David,

If these accounts are listed in that part of your credit report that lists accounts you’ve had, then they should be deleted. It is relatively easy to dispute incorrect information on each of your credit reports. Just follow the dispute process that each of the bureaus has or click here for more information.

The items can be reported for seven years plus 180 days from the date they last went delinquent.

If you invest a bit of elbow grease in dealing with these from the different credit bureaus, it will pay off.

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