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The Validation Center Mailer

Written by Steve Rhode

A reader forwarded me a mailer from The Validation Center. It came out sometime in the past year but as you can see it contains much of the same historic debt settlement pitch we’ve seen for years.

The line about no 3rd party fees is interesting. I’m not sure if that means they don’t use an outside fund escrow company or require the consumer to save the money for settlements.

Then there is the statement about a 72% reduction in debt with an immediate reduction of payments. However, the big problem is the person that received this mailer and who went for the pitch, didn’t get the results promised. Instead they were forwarded to another company called Pure Solutions which sold him on a debt validation approach.

The Validation Center mailer the consumer received.

The Validation Center mailer the consumer received.

More to come on that.

It looks like The Validation Center had made the press in other areas as well. Both the Star Tribune and NBC2 were critical of the company.

In the case of the consumer who received the mailer and signed up with Pure Solutions, they’ve gone on to file for bankruptcy and was unable to get an unconditional refund from the company.


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