I Was Unfairly Terminated and My Firing Caused a Bunch of Debt

“Dear Steve,

I was left terminated after corporate falsely identified me not eligible for a temporary leave when I have documented hospital visits to remain out of work for the needed amount of time to qualify for the temporary leave.

Corporate denied my request, even though I met qualifications. And was later corrected but due to their rehire policy they would not keep me on the job as they have a bad re-hire policy. Leaving me jobless and in debt to insurances and tax bills due to a month long suspension before firing me on false terms.

I later lost my license as I could not pay for my vehicle to fix car issues to obtain a new sticker for my car, and this also lead to a period of being homeless as I couldn’t find work nor pay debts or a rent to live. Causing extreme stress and aggravation I was unable to make income for much of anything.

C@s also owed me for referrals that went full time. I was fired before they could add the bonus to a check. Thus adding a better reason to terminate me rather than keep me as an employee with a case owed bonuses, they became careless to corporates decision and made me do a lot of running around to gather documentation from the hospital to prove I was sick that could have helped remove points added to my system that should have never been there created by the declined temporary leave documents. If I was never denied, and my work was properly sent in and examined there would have been no points added for the time I missed work or left early due to being extremely sick. I have a large folder with all,debt, and documentation and proof of my case.

How do i go about making a case to solve the debt created by this company, I have not spoken to a lawyer, I was told I had a case by other c@s employees and plenty of documentation proving I did not succeed the point system leading to review for termination.

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My question is who do I talk to, how do I get the documentation from a hospital to prove I was sick when I hadn’t visited the hospital yet. I have proof I visited CVS for immediate medication as of the 13th of March, where my case rested .2 over the point system for an early leave. These points should have been removed if my temporary leave was accepted from the beginning.

My last question is how can I turn this debt around that has lingered on me since the beginning of last year.

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My termination was somewhere at the end of March suspended until April, thus increasing all my insurances without a paycheck. I can easier explain my case directly. With important information to create a real case. Please help.”

Dear Unfortunately Terminated,

I’m so sorry to hear about your situation and all the grief you went through.

This really isn’t a debt situation but an employment law situation. The debt you may be suffering from is the byproduct of the employment issue. It might just be that to address the created debt you may have to consider filing bankruptcy to get a quick legal financial fresh start.

Regarding the employment issues, you should really speak with an employment lawyer who is licensed in your state.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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