American Home Loan Counselors – Consumer Complaint – February 10, 2015

Consumer Statement:

Not sure if this is a continuation of a previous scam you discussed, but in regard to the “Modification Review Board” and Brown Legal post: today, as I am in need of legal assistance with my crappy lender, I ended up contacting a “nonprofit” organization called “American Home Loan Counselors”…interestingly, they are ALSO at 8180 S 700 E STE 110, Sandy, Utah 84070. If they are NOT a part of the Modification/Brown scenario, it would be amazing as they share the same email address!

They want $3996 at $666/mo to do a HAMP Modification and DID tell me not to talk to my lender if they call…problem is…I need to find a legit place to discuss assisting me as I do qualify for a HAMP.

Consumer Action Taken:

Didn’t sign anything or send money, as I researched to see if they are legit.

They did send me documents/contracts. Whois lookup shows ownership of domain in Panama. Contract is by Preferred Law, PLLC who according to the BBB reviews are a mortgage modification scam…looks like they picked up where Brown Legal left off…

Interestingly, the email address is from
Maybe this will help eliminate another bogus group of thiefs! Pass along to the FBI if needed, I have further info/docs.

Date This Problem Happened: February 9, 2015

State You Live in: Michigan

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: American Home Loan Counselors

Company Address:

8180 S 700 E, Ste 110
Sandy, Utah 84070

Company Telephone Number: 801-386-5100

Website of Company:


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