Financial Rescue, LLC and Success Link Processing, LLC – Consumer Complaint – March 9, 2015

Consumer Statement:

In August of last year, I enrolled in this company from Financial Rescue LLC in Milpitas, CA. They are a local run company, I saw on TV. They entered me and my mother in a company named Success Link Processing LLC which we knew nothing about.

Financial Rescue took all our information over the phone and pulled our credit reports which was convenient so I did not have to dig paper work that I might not have anymore.

The explanation from the person from Financial Rescue sounded so good, it made us feel like it was going to be a walk in the park. Our accounts were going to be personally handled by an attorney, she said.

A notary came to our house and breezed through the agreement and the next thing we knew, we have signed up and were enrolled with Success Link Processing LLC.

A few months went by and we were surprised when my mother was served with a summons by a process server which gave us 30 days to reply from the day she was served. This is when the nightmare started. We were told to contact Success Link Processing based on the person we spoke from Financial Rescue LLC. They said, they were done doing their job as far as getting us in a program. Then we were being passed around from one person to the next when we called Success Link Processing.

Finally the summons, they said was assigned to their arbitrator. I was calling them daily to get an update and they just kept saying they are taking care of it. 30 days went by and we were not told to do anything except wait. One day, another letter came in the mail and it said that my mother had a judgment. I immediately called Success Link Processing to tell them what we received and the person there just said that there was nothing they can do about the judgment. I told them that the arbitrator told me they were talking care of it. They said that they had no attorney to fight the summons. So I asked them why they were charging me retainer fees and legal plan fees and all other kind s of fees every month.

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It was getting frustrating and we were going nowhere. Worst is we were scared out of our minds and we did not know if we were going to jail or what. One day when I called a girl answered the phone and she was were pleasant. She advised me that she was leaving that company because she could not bear what they were doing to their clients. They were just taking their money every month without providing any service. Then she said that the owner of Financial Rescue and Success Link was the same person and the employees of Financial Rescue were also the employees of Success Link Processing. She also said there was no attorney for the program. That’s all a big lie.

As I asked her more questions, more disgust was eating away from my gut and I wanted to cry but at the same time I was so angry that I was so stupid and let this happen to my mother. She also told me that they were all in the Philippines and there were a few employees in the US, but most calls get forwarded to the Philippines. That explains why the person I was talking to most of the time sounded so sleepy because of the time difference and nothing happened to our debts. Then she proceeded to explain that the program they were using was not secure. Any employee can go into an internet cafe and pull all the information of a client. The next day when I called to talk to the manager, that girl was not working there anymore.

Consumer Action Taken:

I asked for the Manager and I was given a person who could not hardly speak Tagalog, Philippine language. When I told her I wanted to get all my money back, she started screaming at me. Then they said they will refund only what was in my trust account until I told them I was going to report them to the Police and she started laughing and said they are not going to do anything. But then they said she would refund most of the money but they cannot return the retainer for the attorney. I asked, What attorney? I was told there was no attorney by a girl the other day. She said that girl did not know what she was doing that’s why she was not there anymore.

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Date This Problem Happened: November 12, 2014

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: Asian

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,500

Company Name: Financial Rescue, Success Link Processing

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Company Address:

416 S. Hillview Drive,
Milpitas, California 95035

Company Telephone Number: 877-973-3287

Website of Company: financialrescuellc.com, sl-processing.com


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