Will I Be Caught at the Airport When I Return to the UK for My Internet Bill?

“Dear Jon,

I was student in UK back in 2005-2006. I had a credit card (Nat West bank) and had good history by paying my full debt regularly for almost 3 years.

By the end of 2007 I had some bad time and got my self in debt for less than 300-500 pounds (cant remember exactly). Same thing with BT, I had a landline+internet contract signed by me, and during my stay there they were paid by direct debt from my account. But in early 2008 I had to leave back to my country and since my bank account was empty they couldn’t get their money.

Will get caught in airport for those debts? I might travel back to UK for a quick work visit 5-10 days.



I received your query about being stopped at the airport when returning to the UK as you left some unpaid accounts and bills here.

There seems to be much confusion over this type of matter, but to cut to the chase and address your question, for debts alone, or leaving unpaid bills behind in the UK, you will not be stopped or detained. If there had been criminal activity associated with the debts, and a warrant issued, it might be an issue.

Did you leave behind any unpaid TV license fee or fine? I ask because some people in the UK are being questioned and inconvenienced to pay the owed TV fee or fine at some airports. I have only heard about it for people leaving the UK, not entering. And judging from the fact you left 7 years ago, I doubt even that would be an issue.

So no worries, and good luck with the work visit.



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  1. Hello Jon

    Thanks for your response. As far as I know, there was not any kind of criminal activities, or fines/bills because of TV license or council tax debts.

    I even think, that my contract with BT was done even before leaving UK. I just remembered that now.


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