United Employee Benefits Group – Consumer Complaint – April 23, 2015

Consumer Statement:

I have been scammed by UEBG. I enrolled with this company August 2011. Checked the BBB and they had an A- rating @ that time. Thought I had covered my bases. Wrong!

Rick Stone was my financial representative. I have saved every email that I received from them and every email I wrote to them. I will send them as soon as figure out how to place them into a zip file.

To summarize my stupidity: I enrolled into this program to get out of credit card dept. Was making over minimum payments on time every month but wasn’t getting anywhere. Bank of America and Discover.

Was told to stop paying them. One email states that “No one” “Absolutely No One will scream louder than they will if I am at risk”.

I had a 2 year Pre Legal Financial Restructuring contract. My account number 10434. My total enrollment debt was $15,909.06. My monthly installments of $365.28 was paid on time every month. The requested total service fee for UEBG services was $2402.74. This was paid in full.

The remaining balance was called the amount available for resolutions (I ASSumed that meant to pay my credit cards after they negotiated with these companies and agreed to settled for a lesser amount.

In the signed agreement it states that the service fees are not refundable, however the remaining balances up and above those fees remain the clients and can be withdrawn at any time.

Well, before I knew it Discover Card was taking me to court. After several attempts to contact Mr. Stone about whether I was suppose to be there at that court date I was advised that I did not have to be there and was emailed an answer to file with the courts.

Next court appearance when I asked if I should go they did not respond. At this point I believed they were legit and they would let me know if I should be there.

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Well, the next thing I know is there is a judgment against me for over $7000 and Discover is garnishing my wages.

When I spoke with my Banker about refinancing my home to pay them the discovered that the Bank of America loan was not settled either. I was backed into a corner. I had to file bankruptcy.

I offered to pay Discover in equal monthly installments and they declined. I was unable to refinance my home. When I finally got Rick Stone to answer my call he simply stated “It would have happened that way no matter what I/we did”. I informed them that I had no choice but to file bankruptcy I was withdrawing from the program. I understood that I would not get back the money that I paid for UEBG service fee.

Mr. Stone assured me that I would get the $4441.72 that I had sent them for resolutions with the credit card companies that I now had to file bankruptcy with would be returned to me. I believe that was March of 2013. I have tried to contact UEBG with no reply. I had to file this $4441.72 as income (money owed to me) with the bankruptcy courts. Please help me.

Consumer Action Taken:

I contacted the BBB. They did not reply back with them. I checked their rating afterwards and it was F. I contacted the Illinois Attorney General who also tried to contact them and they did not reply.

Date This Problem Happened: March 25, 2013

State You Live in: Illinois

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $6844.46

Company Name: United Employee Benefits Group

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Company Address:

2800 Post Oak Blvd Suite 4100
Houston, TX 77056

Company Telephone Number: 888-341-8999

Website of Company: uebg.org

Reader Supplied Information: Doc 1, Doc 2

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