Student Assist Plus / Student Loan Education Center – Consumer Complaint – May 28, 2015

Consumer Statement:

I contacted this company on 02/26/2015 for assistance paying for student loans because they had sent me a letter informing me that I may qualify for help paying for my loans since I had around $30000 of student debt. The representative I talked to named Nick Leon informed me that due to my income I would qualify for a consolidation, my loans would no longer be handled by Nelnet where I have been paying for them since I graduated and could be placed on hold for a year for a fee of $29.99, and a special program where my student loans would be forgiven after 20 years.

He told me that I would need to submit proof of income to them along with a signed document and that their company would contact Nelnet on my behalf to put my current loans on forbearance and that it would take up to 60 days to get a response. I paid $599 over the phone and sent in the required documentation by e-mail.

I did not hear anything form Nelnet for awhile, so I ended up setting up a forbearance on my own which I am on currently and waited to hear a response from Nelnet, the Dept of Education, or student Assist plus. The only correspondence I received was an email on 04/07/2015 saying that I had become a member and that they were about to withdraw the first payment of $29.99, which was withdrawn from my account on 04/20/2015.

Consumer Action Taken:

I called them and told them that I was dissatisfied with their services and that I haven’t heard anything from Nelnet about a forbearance. I told the representative that I wanted a refund and I wanted to cancel. The representative told me I would receive a refund within 24 hours on 4/30/2015. I still have not received any refund as of 05/04/2015.

Date This Problem Happened: February 26, 2015

State You Live in: Virginia


Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $599

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Company Name: Student Assist Plus / Student Loan Education Center

Company Address:

19800 MacArthur Blvd. Ste 300
Irvine, CA 92612

Company Telephone Number: 888-456-4055

Website of Company: studentassistplus.com















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