How Can We Get Collectors to Stop Calling My Father for Student Loan Payments?


Dear Steve,

My dad is over 75 yrs old with diabetes and needs a break from the creditors that harass him about his granddaughter’s loan from a private christian college she attended. He volunteered but now we want him forgiven for cosigning.

How can my daughter and I help him this time around. She pays each time however sometimes she is late by a few days. Can’t we get the calls and letters sent to our home since it is being paid from our home?

Miss Step


Dear Miss Step,

Well the chance are he is not going to get himself off the loan. Just recently the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released data showing 90 percent of people who request to be released as a co-signer, aren’t.

“Parents and grandparents put their financial futures on the line by co-signing private student loans to help family members achieve the dream of higher education,” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray. “Responsible borrowers and their co-signers should have clear information and standards for releasing the co-signer if the time is right. We’re concerned that the broken co-signer release process is leaving responsible consumers at risk of damaged credit or auto-default distress.”

Realistically, the best thing you can do is make a full payment now and get a payment ahead so there is no need to call to look for the payment. If the payments are current and the loan is not delinquent then collectors will vanish.

And paying late can add up to serious fees and charges being tacked on to the account. If your father wanted to help make the calls stop, ask him if he would be willing to make that extra payment to get your account a month ahead.


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