How Can I stop Making Payments on My Heald College Private Student Loans?


Dear Steve,

My student private loan was through chase now its through AES (American Education Services). The school is Heald College graduated in the year 2007. AAS degree in Medical Administration Assistant. When I first applied to the school I was promised to graduate with experience and job placement assistance. Before graduating I asked about an Internship for the work experience I was promised. I was denied through the school. Heald told me that is not a requirement and I don’t need an Internship.

I showed them an overview with all my scheduled classes they brushed me off. (I still have this paper along with all transcripts and original loan documents). the outcome of this is, my current occupation is Retail. Hourly wage is $14/hr.

Today I attended a workshop regarding the Corinthian schools fraud involving Heald, Wyotech, and Everest Colleges. I was told since my loan is private and already claimed bankruptcy there’s no option for my loan to be erased.

Even though Heald lied to me and stole from me (FRAUD). Unable to file a lawsuit since Heald College claimed bankruptcy. I’m at a dead end now. My loan started out with the amount of $12,000 and now the current balance is $11,736.21.

My Balance is going nowhere. I already filed bankruptcy last year (2014). I’m unable to support myself and I’m 28 yrs old still living with my parents. I’m in good standing with making payments on said loan but I’m unable to save for retirement and or emergency funding..I’m living pay check to pay check.

Is stopping payments my only option? Is there any hope for me at all? If i stop paying my loan will they go after my paychecks? Anywhere/anyone i can go to for help? where should I go from here?

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Dear Ashley,

Just because you already filed bankruptcy does not mean there isn’t hope. You should talk to your bankruptcy attorney about an Adversary Proceeding to ask to have those loans discharged in your previous bankruptcy. Others have taken that approach and succeeded.

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But you should read How to Ditch Your Corinthian College Student Loan Debt. The problematic problems are going to be the amount of time since graduation and the fact these are private student loans.

But if those two suggestions don’t do the trick and you can’t afford your loans, you should read Top 10 Reasons You Should Stop Paying Your Unaffordable Private Student Loan

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2 thoughts on “How Can I stop Making Payments on My Heald College Private Student Loans?”

    • attended wyotech in 2006 their job fairs were total crap. Only 6 companies attended not the hundreds from across the country they promised. I was only able to get a job making $13 an hour and only because of my experience before attending wyotech. Best offer I got through the school was $12 an hour no where near my home state. They also told my private loans were best (scam) . They told a good story at the time. I started off with around $30K in loans and after many many payments that I couldn’t afford and living in my parents basement I now owe navient 79K in addition to around 10K federal loans. At least the fed loans have options. Their doesn’t seem to be any help coming for us older students despite being scammed the same way the more recent students were. If you’re reading this Ashley I would like to share info with you contact me here or on facebook if interested in trying to resolve this matter. I’m sure we’re not alone,I’m working on getting in touch with others that graduated with me.


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