Will I Be Stopped From Getting a UK Visa Because of Old Debt?

“Dear Jon,

I left UK in the 2013 as my work visa expired. I couldnt pay my bank loan and my account was in overdraft. My bank wasnt closed either. Will this stop me from visiting the UK.

Will UKBA not grant me a visa and will i be stoped at the immigration. Any information will be helpful. Appreciate your help in Advance.



What type of Visa are you seeking in the UK at this time?

How much did you owe when you left?

I ask as the immigration laws are changing very quickly here. As of now, for many work and professional Visa’s, there are no financial questions, besides what your salary in the UK will be. However, some other Visa’s do inquire as to how you will provide for yourself, how will you live here? Immigration is trying to weed out those, including some students, who may come over to make use of the benefit system.

If you are looking at another work Visa, you may be required to show some financials, however, to my knowledge, having an unpaid loan or debts in the UK alone, should not prevent you from obtaining most Visa’s here. Immigration does not do credit checks. So no worries there.

The only issue may be once you get here and live here, you could be on the radar again, and the bank may begin collection efforts.

Let me know the answer as to what Visa you are applying for, and I can advise further.

As for just visiting the UK, owing money here is not an issue, it’s only owing council tax, or TV licence fines that can be a problem, but only when you leave.



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