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Allstate Debt Consolidation Shares How Consumers Can Find the Right Program for Their Situation

By on July 24, 2015

Anyone who is in debt has heard of debt consolidation programs. These programs offer to assist the debtor in becoming debt free by helping them to create and maintain a budget while paying off their debt. Basically, these programs work by allowing the debtor to consolidate all of their debt into one, easy to manage, bill per month. In return the company will allegedly contact the creditors that the debtor owes their money to.

However, not all programs work the same way. Some programs will require that the debtor contact the creditors themselves. It’s important to note that this does not necessarily mean that the companies the debtor owes money to will not stop calling, nor does it mean that collection proceedings will stop. helps break down the nitty-gritty of these programs.

Here’s what company rep Jack Dominico has to say… “It’s always wise to read the fine print for any debt program prior to signing on the dotted line. In order to keep the program in business, companies do charge a fee…usually a percentage of the total debt amount owed”. Any consolidation program is a third party plan whereby the debtor is still responsible for all of the debt incurred. The point of the consolidation program is to assist the debtor in getting back on track and keeping their bills paid in a timely fashion.

The debts will show up on credit reports in spite of going through the consolidation plan. These can negatively impact the credit score but it’s important to remember that the debts are still being paid and in time the credit report will reflect that the debt was paid off.Always do research on any debt program prior to signing on with them. Some have less than reputable reputations and can actually wind up costing the debtor a lot more money in the long run.

In doing the research, read reviews of other customers and see if they were happy before signing on. If a customer was unhappy, keep reading in the comments to see if the company resolved the issue. Sometimes a company will add in a comment that they have resolved the issue and how it was resolved. This is vital to knowing if the company is worth the time of doing business with or not.

The easiest way to pay off debt is to learn how to live within ones means and not get into debt in the first place. Meanwhile, adjust the budget where ever possible and take on any extra work that can be taken on to help make up for the deficit.

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These programs encourage people to reevaluate their budgets and focus on preparing better spending habits, negotiate with creditors and to find any extra funds where they can to help pay off their debt. A debt consolidation program isn’t for everyone. However, many debt consolidation programs do work well and many people are debt free today thanks to having used a program. Keep in mind that a program works well if the attention and work is put into it when considering one of these programs.

About Allstate Debt Consolidation: helps people reduce their debt load by providing the best resources at the right time. Whether someone is looking to consolidate, manage their money better, or learn how to better use credit, can help.


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