Another Lawyer Loses License Thanks to Debt Relief Industry

I can remember a time when Resolution Law Group and The Resolution Law Group were company names I heard frequently.

Well today I heard it again. The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that attorney Ian Berger who was involved with Resolution Law Group, has lost his law license. He can try to get it back in five years.

Berger says, “I was led to believe the original lawsuit had merit and had only the best intentions from the beginning,” he wrote. “I did the honorable thing by voluntarily surrendering my license. When I am able, I plan on compensating those that have been inadvertently harmed.”

The article goes on to say, “In addition to targeting Berger and his Tampa firm, the Berger Law Group, the lawsuit named two other firms — Tampa-based Resolution Law Center and another Florida company called Litigation Law.” – Source

These actions would not be so sad if it wasn’t for the fact attorneys get sucked into these schemes time-and-time again.


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