Howard Law Demands Removal of Morgan Drexen Related Articles

Today I received the following demand from a law firm that says it represents Howard Law, another law firm. I’m not sure why Howard Law wouldn’t just contact me directly to clear up any confusion or answer questions instead of sending me a cease and desist letter. I contacted Howard Law by email previously but never heard anything back.

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In the interest of courtesy and fairness, until my attorney has had a chance to review the articles in question to see if they need any changes, I’ll remove them for reposting, possible edits, or changes.

Until then I’ll let the cease and desist letter from the law firm representing the Howard Law firm explain what they allege and answer any questions readers may have about the status of the articles in question and why they were temporarily removed.

I feel it is most unfortunate that Howard Law didn’t just use the form on the website to report any error they felt the articles contained rather than send such a letter.

My goal is to always publish factual material but I’m still unclear what in the stories was not factual. The letter does not seem to make that clear to me. The letter even says HLPC does not have a legal duty to respond to questions which I find curious since the clarification of an error is my goal and I would hope it would be the goal of Howard Law.

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