UAE Bank Changed the Terms and Chased Me to UK

“Dear Jon,

I have a loan with a UAE bank. I filled in a form stating funds were for investment in the UAE. The bank representative later came to my office and said the bank had refused to lend money for investment but he had filled out a second form himself and they had agreed to provide the loan. So I didn’t actually sign the loan agreement. I have received emails from UAE asking for payment. The interest stated at the time was 3% but they are charging 6%.

Can they enforce the loan in the UK ?”


As I have stated in the past, we are seeing more and more debts that have originated in the UAE, trying to be collected in the UK.

Part of what you have stated, about not signing the loan agreement, is more of a legal issue. But that may be a moot point for now, unless a UK collection firm is chasing you.

If you are receiving emails or correspondence from a UAE bank or agency, to my knowledge, they have no authority here unless they go to the courts in the UK to seek such authority. I would still advise you to get advice from a solicitor here in the UK to confirm there have been no changes.

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I am assuming that even though you did not sign the loan agreement you did receive the money?

How long ago was this?

When did you return to the UK?

If the loan/debt is sold to a UK collection firm, they can collect it here in the UK. This also allows you the repayment options we have here in the UK as well.

Get back to me and we can look closer at this.



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