Where Did World Law Go? This is Who to Call.

I’m getting a number of people contacting me who are freaked out they can’t contact anyone at World Law. For more information on the legal misfortunes of World Law, click here.

The court appointed receiver for World Law is:

Robb Evans and Associates, LLC
11450 Sheldon Street
Sun Valley, California 91352-1121
Phone: (818) 768-8100

Until clients hear from the receiver or bankruptcy court directly, all question should be directed to the receiver about refunds, payments, or account status.


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1 thought on “Where Did World Law Go? This is Who to Call.”

  1. So, my wife talked me into using these clowns a few years ago. While I have to admit we actually settled enough debt at enough of a discount that we somehow managed to come out fairly ahead of the game, even with all the upfront fees, I had to do a lot of the work myself. I monitored everything they did closely and call and emailed them constantly. Anyway, there was very little money left in our special purpose account, so we are not taking a big loss there either. However, we did have a claim in arbitration against a creditor for violations of the FDCPA. World Law filed the claim and we never saw any of the paperwork except for a fax cover sheet indicating the claim had been filed and a case number. The AAA won’t talk to me because World Law is still the complainant of record. I tried emailing and calling the Receiver, but they are not answering my calls or emails. How can I get the documents that have been filed and find out what the status of the arbitration is so that I can take over handling for myself?


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