Jacob, Johnson & Associates – Consumer Complaint – October 19, 2015

Consumer Statement:

I received a phone call on October 15, 2015 If I was T**** when I said yes she asked if I was going to be home the next day from 9-4 because I was going to be served court papers and needed to sign for them. I told her I would not be home. I knew other family members would be at my home.

She said If I wanted to find out what the case was about I was to call 844-422-3693 and give my case #. The phone number went to a Jacob, Johnson $ Assoc. I was transferred to the mediation department. These people have all my personal information (address, SS#, Phone #, etc.) I gave the lady my case number and she told me I had a past due visa card and was being sued for $2,735.82.

Well I don’t have a visa card so I know I don’t have a past due visa card. When I wanted information about this case she would not tell me anything she said she could only offer me a settlement option. I had one chance to pay a one time payment of $798.13 or 10 monthly payments of $200.00. I told her I was not paying because I don’t owe this money. She got hateful and said ” I wish you and your attorney good luck in court you will need it” she then hung up on me. I knew if I truly owed this money I would be sued in District court in the county I live in.

I knew the case # she gave me was not a case # from the district court in my county. All cases in my county start with a 2 letters then numbers. The case number she gave me was all numbers. I then checked my credit report. I was happy to find there was nothing showing on my credit report about an unpaid visa account. This company is a scam and these people should all be in jail.

Consumer Action Taken:

This company is a SCAM. I don’t owe the money they claim I do. The case number they gave me is not real. These people should be in jail for ripping people off and stealing their money by scaring people into thinking they are being taken to court.

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Date This Problem Happened: October 15, 2015

State You Live in: Kansas

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Jacob, Johnson & Associates

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: 844-422-3693

Website of Company:

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  1. I had the same call except I was dumb enough to fall for it and now they wont stop calling and emailing me! Saying that I am going to go to jail.


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