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Reader says “Huh” About My Enrollment Center

Written by Steve Rhode

A reader sent me an email and brought up a good question I don’t know the answer to. They wanted to know how a debt relief company called My Enrollment Center in Wyoming could say to people, “Professional debt consolidation companies like My Enrollment Center can really help you get your debt back under control,” and “At My Enrollment Center, we don’t give up the first time a creditor says no or suggests a different solution to the problem. We keep negotiating as long as they will let us.” – Source

The issue seems to be the company website then disclaims the company is not a service provider. is a service that pairs creditors with 3rd-party financial companies. doesn’t provide any type of mortgage financing, loans, credit card services, debt settlement or reduction services, tax services, or any other financial services or advice. provides referrals to unrelated 3rd party financial companies.

So as the reader asks, “How can the disclaim one thing and then say the exact opposite on their pages?” That’s a good question. I’ll reach out to them and ask them to comment on this post to help explain the apparent conflict.

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