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Has the Consumer Protection Counsel Closed Up Shop?

Written by Steve Rhode

A reader let me know they think the Florida based group, Consumer Protection Counsel (CPC), has closed up shop.

CPC has been in the news here and it is uncertain if they are really closed since their website now looks like it mostly is not working.

As it stands right now, there is no contact information available on their website. Most links go to pages that produce errors. – Source

If you have any information on the status of CPC, please comment below.


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  • All they will do for you is leave you in deeper debt. They no longer service CPC clients, all CPC clients and any of their other law firm models such as Berges Law Group and the Consumer rights firm have been transferred to OMNI Financial. If you had completed your payments with the law firm model they most likely did not call to try and transfer you over at all unless they try to up sell you with their “credit monitoring program” for $150 a month. They only try to transfer the clients who have high monthly payments. Run as far away from them as you can. This company has laid off over half of it’s employees and is moving to panama where Jeremy Marcus believes that they are safe from white collar crime extradition.

  • They haven’t done crap for me but made my financial situation worse & forget trying to get any resolutions. All they are dong is robbing people.

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