So Who is Omni Management Partners in Florida?

I just spotted a comment from a reader who was asking about Omni Management Partners. The comment can be found here.

I don’t know Omni Management Partners from a hole in the ground so I’ll do some public record research and share it with you below.

Omni Management Partners says they are located at 150 East Palmetto Park Road, Suite 800, Boca Raton, FL 33432. – Source

That address appears to be a beautiful virtual office space. – Source

A look at Florida records says Omni Management Partners, LLC was registered on October 8, 2015. and that the member who signed the formation documents is Jeremy Marcus. – Source

According to public records, the ownership of the domain name omnimanagementpartners.com is hidden. The website sits on the same server with the following sites:

1. aboutjeremymarcus.com
2. activedebtsolutions.org
3. aegisflorida.org
4. americanloannow.com
5. amsgflorida.com
6. associatedadministrativeservices.com
7. associatedmanagementservices.com
8. callharassmentreport.com
9. credithealthplan.com
10. debtpartners.com
11. helpingamericateam.com
12. jeremy-marcus-florida.com
13. jeremymarcus.com
14. jeremymarcus321.com
15. jobfax.net
16. omnifinancialinc.com
17. omnimanagementpartners.com
18. psgforms.com
19. theblgusa.com
20. thekerrlawgroup.com
21. unitedfinancialsupport.com
22. unitedfinancialsupport.org
23. whoisjeremymarcus321.com

Omni Management Partners describes themselves by saying, “Omni Management Partners, OMP, provides various services to Americans nationwide. Our speciality is debt and consumer rights. We know the difference between alleged debt and a valid debt. We also know how to verify if that debt is alleged or legitimate. Knowing the difference between those two types of debt can save your thousands. Our goal is to educate and protect our clients.” – Source

They promote the following areas of focus on their home page.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 5.21.29 PM

At this time the BBB has no listing for Omni Management Partners. The Facebook page for OMP is here.

I have no specific information that Omni Management Partners is taking over client agreements from Consumer Protection Counsel who ran into trouble. Click here for past stories on CPC.

The only hint I had of any such connection came from two commenters on a past article about Consumer Protection Counsel.

Gloria said, “This is what is happening to me right now! I can’t get through to anyone at CPC and Omni Management Partners keep calling me and have been really pushy about me electronically signing a 37 page document that they don’t even want me to read! Just click away! I have not completed the signing yet and keep trying to call CPC with no answer and no response!” – Source

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Elena said, “I am not answering calls from Omni and I refuse to sign their document. I’m not sure how I can even get out of the current contract since I can’t get in touch with anyone. hopefully when they see I stopped them from withdrawing money from my bank account they’ll call me. although this is awful, I’m glad I’m not the only one.” – Source

If you have any additional information you would like to share about Omni Management Partners, please comment below.

I’d be interested in any feedback on the quality of customer service and help you may have received.


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  1. I am just now really paying full attention to this. As I started with CPC and it seems my case was bought by Omni. Now I noticed that a payment had yet to post. I looked through my bank statements and found that 321 Loans are the ones taking the payments. I did not sign up for a loan of any kind but for a service. I am now looking to contact 321 Loans to cancel. I have invested money since 2014 thinking they were helping me. Now I’ve lost money that I could have just used to pay the creditor no matter how wrong they are in the way they badger me.


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