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Freedom Debt Relief Finally Resolves NH Issue

Written by Steve Rhode

It took five years but an issue dragging along behind Freedom Debt Relief has finally been evicted.

Back in the pre-TSR days Freedom was sued in New Hampshire. Freedom has used their own skills and settled the debt that was generated by the issue.

According to the Union Leader, “Nearly 100 New Hampshire residents are dividing $133,604 in a settlement with Freedom Debt Relief because the California company failed to get licensed as a New Hampshire debt adjuster, according to the state Banking Department.” In addition, “The company also will pay a $54,250 penalty to the banking department under the settlement dated Nov. 19.”

I reached out to Freedom and Andrew Houser, the CEO and a very smart guy, and he said:

This matter relates to a licensing dispute from activities that occurred prior to 2011. Once we received the complaint from NH, we decided to continuing servicing our existing NH clients free of charge while discussing the applicability of the law with the regulator. After more than 4 years of discussions, we are glad to put this matter behind us, and focus on continuing to deliver amazing results to our clients, now totaling $4 billion in debt settled for more than 250,000 consumers, and counting.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that over the many years I have been very critical at times about Freedom. Most of that stemmed from around the same time the New Hampshire issue was landing on their desk. Since that time Freedom Debt Relief must have really made improvements in the service they offer and customer service they deliver since I get no complaints from consumers about them anymore.

Additionally, Andrew Houser is a person I could go to if problems did hit my radar and I feel confident he would take ownership of the consumer issue and fix it. And that’s saying something when it comes to the debt relief industry. Most companies I contact just never respond.

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Please note that Freedom continues to service the New Hampshire clients, but they elected to do it free of charge. That’s a classy solution.

Hat tip to Houser.

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