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Do Premier Student Loan Center Sales Closers Offering Independent Financial Advice?


I just spotted a help wanted advertisement for Premier Student Loan Center that serves as a good example of who consumers may be talking to when they call in or get a call.

This is yet another great look at the motivation of the person on the other end of the phone when people are looking for solid financial advice.

I completely understand everyone has to make a living and I have nothing against good, smart, and intelligent sales people who are providing best advice for the consumer based on their total financial situation. This article is merely an attempt to help the general consumer understand when they are calling a debt relief company the person on the other end of the phone has motivations to sell them a program.

The big issue in any debt relief sale is if the program makes the best financial sense for the consumer? Only the consumer can determine that by being a smart shopper and student. Leaving your financial future up to a sales person with income motivations is going to have a chance of massive future financial failure.

Well let’s look at the key parts of the Premier Student Loan Center sales representative advertisement.

In my book their is a big difference in what program the company has that someone might qualify to be sold and what is best for their financial future. But then again, nobody is making money if they give the advice that it might be better to do nothing right now, look at a new program to come soon, or adjust other parts of the financial life to make things better overall without enrolling.

Sales people make money selling. That’s it.

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