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How Do I Get My Student Loans Eliminated if I’m Disabled? – Natasha

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

Recently approved for Social Security Disability, unable to work and am in default on student loans. The amount I will be receiving from Disability is less than one-fourth of what my net income was when working. Lost my home and car due to loss of income.

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Is there a way to have the student loans discharged due to no longer being able to work and permanently on disability? Thank you.



Dear Natasha,

You might be in luck here. If you only have federal student loans and Social Security has already approved your disability status, then you should look at how to eliminate your student loans completely.

If they are private student loans then you’d have to talk to the loan holder to see if they have a program to help. Most private student loan holders offer little permanent forgiveness.

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  • Natasha, There is the TPD Loan Discharge Program (Total and Permanent Disability Disability Program through the Department of Education. Here is the web link:

    I applied for TPD and was denied in 2014, I re-applied in 2015 and they NEVER replied to my 2nd application. I decide then to file Bankruptcy due to having some debt I could not pay-off (mostly medical bills). I filed chapter 7, and then filed an Adversary Proceeding to discharge the student loan debt under Bankruptcy Code 11 U.S.C. §523(a)(8). In fact I am in the middle of the “battle with the DOE lawyers” as I write this!

    If you do apply for the TPD discharge BEWARE! If they do forgive or discharge your student loans, YOU will OWE INCOME TAX on the amount forgiven! Do you have the money top pay the income tax (which is YOU CANNOT discharge under bankruptcy).

    The discharge via the Undue Hardship – Adversary Proceeding completely eliminates the student loan debt and there is no income tax due on the discharges amount! Bob Preston

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